On the basis of many years of experience with leading automotive manufacturers (OEMs) and their suppliers worldwide (tiers 1 to 3), we have developed wide-ranging expertise for effective supplier management, and we offer:

Quality control

Targeted, process-related quality control that ensures that parts are produced and delivered in the required quality and on time

Selection and evaluation of local suppliers

By means of assessments, lean management analysis, process capability analysis, CIP system etc., which are particularly necessary when introducing new products or changing suppliers, or even in order to optimise an existing supplier chain, as and when required

Resolution of production stoppages arising at short notice

Resulting from problems with suppliers, quick check of the situation, preparation of a status report, development and, if required, targeted support in the implementation of immediate action and long-term measures (e.g. in the context of CIP)

Supplier management

Supplier management for parts and processes specifically tailored to your company

Sustainable qualification and training measures

for suppliers or within your company; development and maintenance of a healthy supplier portfolio


Carrying out audits necessary for the acquisition of necessary certifications (for example ISO 9001, ISO TS 16949 etc.)

Specifically for suppliers, we offer the adaptation of existing quality standards to the requirements of the customer (for example VW Group Quality Standards, GM Group Quality Standards, etc.).

We keep you fully informed of the expectations of the OEMs with regard to their suppliers and about the requirements for an efficient cooperation. Are the quality of your processes and that of supplier products in need of improvement or even inadequate? Do they not comply with the international or company-specific quality standards? RQ Global Management knows what matters. Present us with your specific challenge.